Hej you

welcome to sananas, a place that is more than just a brand or streetwear.
Our clothing is a symbol of openness, tolerance and self-acceptance. We
believe that true beauty lies in diversity – in the differences that make us
unique and in the community we build together.

sananas is a movement with a clear message and is aimed at people who
are ready to open themselves to freedom and love. We want you to be able
to recognize yourselves in everyday life. Through our discreet logo you can
show your belonging to the sananas community.

Our philosophy is also reflected in the way we offer our products. Every two
months we present an exclusive and limited number of carefully selected
pieces. Why? Because quality takes time, and we focus on bringing you the

And then there’s our annual event, a highlight we all work towards. A
gathering of like-minded people who share our values. A place where you
can only enter if you are a true part of sananas and own one of our products.
Because this place isn’t just about clothing, it’s about celebrating our

So join our community, share our message and spread love and harmony.
Your sananas team

If You Know, You Know

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